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A group of experts that operates multiple blockchains

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Who is NEOPLY?

NEOPLY is South Korea's first start-up accelerator and has been conducting various projects interested in blockchain since 2017 under brand name EOSeoul. We've been acting as a Validator / Producer in various chains and keep contributing to the ecosystem.

NEOPLY has sufficient capacity to be in the top 10 of the voting volume of EOS, TRON, CARDANO, ICON, IOST, ULTRA, Klaytn and Terra networks. Our team achieved a record of 0% EOS Block/Round missing in the past three months. It proofs our professionalism and tech experience of the node operation.

Investor safe asset management

We operate Delegation-capable networks/chains that do not acquire authority over an investor's assets. Some chains need to move their assets to staking nodes, and they don't participate in the chain because they don't fit us, which puts investors' asset safety first. Asset safety is our top priority.

Node Operations Expert Group

We have accumulated experience in operating nodes in various chains starting with the EOS main net since 2017 under brand name EOSeoul. Our engineers and developers with more than 15 years of system operation experience are doing their best to stabilize the system.

Easy staking

We are consulting the staking method suitable for the investor's environment. We provide guides in documents and videos so that the investors can easily stake through fast and efficient discussion with our team. NEOPLY provides Profit Share Reports to the investors regular basis.

Blockchain networks with us

Our team is participating in the following chains with companies, whales and HODLers. To meet the needs of investors in various chains, we provide calculations and returns on investment through sufficient research on multiple chains. We are working together to maximize investors' profits.

Blockchains running by NEOPLY

  • Leading the governance of EOS mainnet with brand EOSeoul.
  • Maintain top 3 voting power on TRON, EOS and IOST.
  • Offers highest voter rewards among the 15 Supernode on VSYS.
  • 0% EOS block missing rate in the past three months.
  • Initial BP of Ultra with Bitfinex, Ubisoft, EOS Nation and EOS Rio.

Our Products

Our team members constantly making products and services to make the blockchain networks richer and easier to use for the public.

  • A blockchain playground for everyone

    Get connected to Ethereum, EOS, Klaytn blockchain and get various tokens, manage your assets, play with high-quality apps and games run on the blockchain.

  • REAL games on the blockchain

    You can play the world first VR rhythm game running on the EOS mainnet. Just play and enjoy the TAPSONIC game with blockchain technology!

  • EOSeoul Development Course

    CODEOS is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by riding the EOS knowledge gap and supporting EOS developer.

  • The Most Informative EOS portal

    Gives EOS information, including vote, block producers, website and more. EOStat has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


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